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VETEDY グループは、ノンビス工法ウッドデッキシステム、ソフトラインの唯一の発明者であり生産者です-特許を受けたノンビス工法ウッドデッキ材

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[b]今まで20年間、私達VETEDYグループは庭園やインテリアのため多種多様で特別な木質建材を販売して参りました[/b]VETEDY グループは2001年に、ノンビス工法ウッドデッキシステムSoftline(特許番号EP 1567731)の開発のおかげで、途方もない伸び幅で技術成長を致しました。そのシステムは極めて高い腐朽性、強度を誇り、またビス跡が見えないことにより美しい外観を作り出します。 More info

Notre usine de production à Weyler, Belgique





Welcome to Nam Soon Decking, and best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Welcome to Nam Soon Decking, and best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Welcome to Nam Soon Decking, who is now our official ambassador in Singapore!

Some of us are under the snow, others are under the sun, in any cases, Vetedy’s community wishes you a very happy festive.

We’ll meet in January, for more wonderful projects.


Back from Romania and Moldavia

Back from Romania and Moldavia

During our annual visit to our Romanian ambassador, we’ve got the chance to visit their showroom in Cluj.

And, last but not least, we visited our new ambassador’s showroom which is located in Moldavia! Welcome to Victoria Star company, mostly known as Karelia!

They will soon have the name Vetedy Moldavia to offer our invisible fixation system for decking Softline and invisible fixation system for cladding Techniclic. The showroom be totally visible around March 2019.


New showroom in Bruxelles

New showroom in Bruxelles

It is in the heart of Bruxelles (Belgium), that « Les Parquets du Monde » open a very new space especially dedicated to Vetedy’s products.

Softline decking and Techniclic cladding are offered indeed. Both systems are showed in a way that gives us envy and that allow to pictures ourselves in a future installation.

Congratulations to « Les Parquets du Monde »!